Using the Microwave Sterilizing Machine Properly

The best bottle sterilizers help mothers sterilize the baby bottles. Rinsing the bottles after each use isn’t entirely clean. Mothers should equip a sterilizing machine to make sure the baby bottles safely and cleanly. The microwave steam sterilizer is one of the most efficient ways to sterilize the bottles.

Yes, the microwave has become an all-purpose, useful, and popular appliance with many families in order to process the food. Correspondingly, buying the microwave sterilizer will help you save in comparison with the electric steam sterilizer. Frequently, you can sterilize 3-6 bottles at once. The sterilization only takes 2-8 minutes, instead of boiling the water.

Aside from that, this sterilizing machine has a 100%-plastic structure (the PP-superior-safe plastic with the microwave). With the simple design and the extra key, the storage of the bottles is very convenient. Cleaning or carrying is also quite easy.

How to Use the Microwave Steam Sterilizer Efficiently

This device operates on the heat principle of the electromagnetic waves, so you will have to be careful during the process of using. Let’s remember some golden rules below:

The water absorbs the electromagnetic waves that are heated and evaporated. Accordingly, the water is an indispensable element to sterilize. It is necessary to prepare the sufficient amount of water (according to the requirement of the manufacturer) into the bottle.

You should not pour a lot of water because the heat isn’t enough to make the water evaporate. Like that, the sterilization isn’t efficient.

It sterilizes the utensils of the infants with the metal material because they can cause the electrical discharge.
Let’s carefully check the types of the bottles or accessories that are safe for the microwave or not.

The objects are made from the conventional plastic should avoid because their quality is poor. Their heat resistance is bad, so it is easy to be deformed. Apart from, the plastics containing BPA isn’t used is easy to melt at the high temperature. Even, it can make the milk pollute when feeding.

Cleaning the microwave regularly. The leftover foods will affect the odor of milk and the baby can feel uncomfortable when feeding.

You should keep a safe distance with the microwave ~ 1 meter while it is operating.

The heat in the microwave is very powerful, you should be careful when opening the lid in order avoid burning. It should use the bottle gripping tools to take them out and avoid infection again.

Similar to other sterilizers, you need to clean it regularly after using.

Steps to sterilize with the microwave

  • Using the measuring cup before pouring the water into the sterilizer according to the right rule of the manufacturer. It places the tray on the bottom of the sterilizer.
  • Placing all items: the bottles, nipples, and other feeding utensils into the tray. It makes sure that they are held. Like that, they will not be able to move and strike against the microwave.
  • Covering the lid and locking it surely.
  • Placing the locked sterilizer in the microwave.
  • The power of the microwave is determined by the maximum-heating time. The smaller the capacity is the longer the necessary heating time will be, and vice versa.
  • Taking note when choosing to purchase the microwave steam sterilizer
  • You should pick up the sterilizer with the suitable capacity for your microwave.
  • You put the bottle face down. Like that, the sterilization will be more effective. This one has been tested. Therefore, you ought to select the bottles that are high enough to face them down.
  • It avoids buying the too-big bottles because this can affect the heating time.
  • It ought to choose the bottles, which must get the International Standards. The quality and safety must also be guaranteed.

Using the sterilizer is not too difficult, but you should be careful a bit when using with the microwave. These steps will help you utilize it the most effective. If you like post you can find more infomation in my website: Good healthy!!!

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